Sunday, 29 June 2014

My everyday makeup.


Hello everyone, today I am going to be writing a blog post about my everyday makeup look! I hope you enjoy this blog, and there will be more like this soon!

The first thing I do for my everyday makeup is apply a small amount of the primer, I used the Monu illuminating primer. I got this product in a Glossybox, I have used it everyday since I have had it and even tho it is a sample size product it has lasted quiet a while so I will defiantly be purchasing the full size product when I run out. 

The second thing I do is apply my eyeliner, I use the Rimmel London gel eye liner. I have already written a review about this product so feel free to check it out :) It is really easy to use, it last for ages and  its waterproof. I love everything about this eyeliner. I apply a thin coat along the lash line, I then go back over the line I have made and I make it thicker, I also add a flick! 

The third thing I do is apply the Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation in the shade 200 soft beige because i would say i have quiet a pale complexion . I use one pump of this product and I dab some on my cheeks, nose, forehead and my chin. I use the real techniques expert face brush because they are really good brushes they are soft and blend out your foundation really well. I blend this in a circular motion until the foundation is blended out nice and evenly. 

The fourth thing I do is apply the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in the shade fair 1. I apply this under my eyes as I have bad dark circles, I also apply this on any blemishes I have. I love the coverage of this concealer, it covers things really well! I again use the real techniques expert face brush to blend it out so it covers all my blemishes and my dark circles. 

The fifth thing I do is apply the Natural Collection pressed powder in the shade warm. I apply this to my T zone with the real techniques buffing brush. This powder is really good to stop your foundation from looking oily. 

The sixth thing I do is add some of the So Susan blush to my real techniques contour brush. You only need a tiny bit of this blush.

I then smile and apply the blush to the apples of my cheeks and I blend it up to my hair line. I love this blush because it gives a natural looking flush to your cheeks. I have also wrote a mini review of this product

The seventh thing I do is curl my eyelashes, i find that it makes it easier to apply my mascara and because my eyelashes  grow downwards rather than curl up this helps to curl them I got this eye lash curler from Asda years ago! It still works though lol!

The eighth thing I do is apply my mascara on my upper lashes, I use the Maybelline Big Eyes volum express in waterproof. I love this mascara it makes your lashes long whilst looking natural at the same time. I also got this mascara from my Glossybox a couple of months ago. When this mascara drys up I will defiantly be purchasing a new one!

I then use the other end for my lower lashes, I only apply a tiny bit of this because my lower lashes are naturally quiet long and dark. 

The last thing I do is apply lipstick and the lipstick I have used in this picture is the Rimmel London Kate lipstick in the colour 05. I love this product because it applies smoothly to the lips and the colour is amazing. 

I hope this blog can help you in anyway like other blogs has helped me :) thanks for all the views feel free to leave a message if there is anything you would like me to review or talk about!