Tuesday, 24 June 2014

I passed my driving test!!

I Passed My Driving Test!!
Me with my certificate

Hello everyone, Hope your all okay?
I was going to post this a couple of days after I had passed my driving test but I wasn't sure weather to write a blog post about it as its not related to beauty, but then I thought some people would be interested to hear my experience of my test. I first started doing my lessons with a driving school when I was sixteen I really did enjoy my lessons with that driving school but I felt like I wasnt getting anywhere, I just felt like it was lesson after lesson with no end goal. I then booked my theory test but I didnt revise and I failed ( teach me right lol) I then done it again and failed. I eventually got the theory test disk and made sure I revised so I was ready for my test, I then passed my test! :) I was so nervous, I generally am a nervous person as it is, I literally worry about everything lol. Once I had passed my theory test I didnt have enough money to carry on with my lessons so I didnt do them for a while. Once the money picked up I rang my instructor and said to her that im ready to do my lessons and she said that shes got to many students and that she couldnt teach me, so I then went on to facebook and wrote a status " Does anyone know any good driving schools" My friends wrote back that Portland driving school was really good!! So I got the driving schools number and spoke to a man called Ashley and he was going to be my instructor. I started doing my lessons in February. Ashley made me feel at ease and he asked me how many lessons I had done. On the day of my first lesson I felt nervous, Ashley came and he asked if I wanted to drive or if he I wanted him to drive me somewhere quiet and then I drive. He was really chatty and just made me feel comfortable on my lessons! I drove home and he said about booking my test in april time as I was a good driver. That day I went home and booked my test! During the time of waiting for my test I done maneuvers I did three point turn, reverse round the corner, parallel parking and I also had to do emergency stop. The day of my test day finally came, I was so nervous that morning! I had a two hour lesson before my test and in them two hours I drove down to the test centre and down a quiet road where I done my maneuvers. My two hour lesson went really well before the test, I then went into the test centre with my driving instructor and waited them to call me for my test. The examiner called my name and I went outside to my instructors car, I then started my test, I drove down a quiet road and I had to do a three point turn, I then was driving round and literally ten minutes before the end of my test I was coming out of a junction and a car from no where pulled out on me and the car beeped at me! I then carried on driving back to the test center and when I got back the examiner said that I had failed my test by one major and 7 minors! he said that if it wasnt for that car that came from no where that I would of passed!! I was very disappointed that I had failed but I just thought to myself that I could always do it again. A couple of days after that I then went onto where you book the driving test and booked my test, I had to wait from April till June to do my test again! In that time I carried on doing my lessons till that date. The day of my test was friday 13th June, we have no luck my family so I was hoping it could be a good day for me lol! My instructor picked me up and hour and a half before my test and we drove down to the test center, I felt like the lesson before my test was really bad and I really thought that I was going to fail again! I went on my test and I felt like that time I done so much better, I done a three point turn again then I did an emergency stop, I drove back to the test centre and I pulled up outside and the examiner said that I had passed my test! I was so pleased that I had finally passed my test! I am so happy that I went with Portland driving school as I learnt to drive so quickly! Now I am just waiting to get a car aha!

I know this post was a bit different but I thought you might like to read about passing my test!

I will be writing a beauty blog soon so keep a eye out! :)
Thanks for reading!
Love Catherine x

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