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Glossybox June 2014

Hello everyone! I hope your all okay?
Today I am going to be doing a post about the June Glossybox. I have been subscribed to Glossybox for six months now and have to say I love it! When you subscribe to Glossybox you have to fill out a form which asks you which kind of beauty products you would find most useful, you can choose from skin care, make-up and hair care depending on what you prefer. The Glossybox comes with a magazine and a product card telling you where you can purchase the products from and the prices. Sometimes you will find that you will receive samples rather than the full size products but you do always receive at least one or two full size products. Glossybox have done extremely well in how they pack the products, the products are always surrounded by black card shavings ( I think this is what its called lol!) and wrapped with black tissue paper then tied beautifully with a ribbon with Glossybox printed on it. The value of this months Glossybox was worth a minimum of £45!! I only pay £10 a month for the subscription!

This is what the Glossybox looks like inside,
(Dont worry I have moved the products they dont come looking like this lol!) 

                                                       Qv Skin lotion

This is the Qv skin lotion, this is the first product I tried when I received my Glossybox. I used this product on my face as I suffer from dry skin. To be honest when i first use this product I found that the consistency was watery and feels the same when rubbing it on to the skin. Once applied my skin felt very sticky and that feeling lasted for about twenty minutes or so, although once the product absorbed into my skin I must say that my skin did feel very soft and it was still soft when I woke up in the morning which I was surprised about. I will be defiantly purchasing the full size product, I have struggled to find a product that left has my skin feeling so soft even though at first it seemed very watery so I didn't expect it to be as good as it was!!  The cost of the full size product cost £6.06 for a 250ml from
                        Nailgirls 3-in-1/base/topcoat & nail strengthener

This is the Nailgirl 3-in-1/base/topcoat & nail strengthener, I never usually use a base coat as I have never found one that gives a smooth coat across the whole of my nail when the nail polish/paint itself is applied, I always find that they tend to leave my nails looking streaky and not smooth which is a pain in the bum!! Another plus about this product is when I remove dark colours from my nails the base coat stops the nail polish from staining my nails. I like the fact that this product is a multi purpose product, there is nothing worse than carrying around three separate products which 9 times out of 10 I cant find one of them!! Where as with Nailgirls its all in one!! The one down side about this product is that the brush bristles are clear in colour so when you paint this on as a top coat the colour from the polish tends to stain the brush. I do not know that if in time this will effect the colour of the liquid in the nailgirl product. I found that the top coat of this product leaves your nail polish looking glossy and keeps it from chipping so easily.  The full size of this product cost £13.50 for a 15ml. I would of put the link to where you can buy the product but currently the nailgirls are not showing it on there website, this could be because its a new launch and they haven't updated there website. But here is the link to the Nailgirls website so you can keep your eye out out for this product
                                  So Susan Cosmetics Universal Blush

This is the So Susan blush, I really like this blush because it is designed to give a natural looking flush whatever skin tone it is applied to ( it kinda works like the cc cream). You really don't need to apply a lot of this blush as it is very pigmented and also very easy to blend!.The product lasts a good length of time or until you wish to remove the blush, I wore it today and it was quiet warm outside but the So Susan blush did not lose colour nor rub off with was brilliant! I think this is the prettiest packaging for a product i have seen so far. The price of this product is £17.95, you can purchase it from

                       Teeez Trend cosmetics Beautiful flat stiff brush

 This is the Teeez Trend Cosmetics Beautiful flat stiff brush, I tend not to wear eye shadows because I am not that confident on applying it, but this brush definatley has made it a lot easier for me to apply eye shadows with the correct technique. With this brush you have the benefits of a stiffer brush but smooth application giving you more control when applying your favourite eye shadow. The brush is made with natural hair, I love the pattern on the handle of the brush, it has flamingos, lips and eyes. The barrel of the brush is a beautiful rose gold colour. The price of the brush is $18 (£11.20) here is a link to where glossybox says where you can buy it but I must say I did look for it but could not find it but here is the link anyway :)

                                            Rituals... Qi Gong- Spray

This is the Rituals Qi Gong-Spray, I absolutely love this spray for many reasons, the first one being that it was a pretty hot day and I decided to use my new spray, me my partner and our son decided to have a little family outing to the park and a little walk about and I remember saying to my partner what is that gorgeous smell and then it clicked... this spray is like a plug in the wall air freshener for your body it just keeps giving you bursts of this beautiful deodorant lol! This spray has a very feminine smell which I prefer to the more casual smelling deodorants! it costs €3.50 (£2.80) here is the link :)

I must say i am very happy with this months Glossybox, For £10 a month these are the sort of things you can receive, if you add up each price you will find that it comes to a minimum of £45... BARGAIN!
If you have not considered subscribing to Glossybox I would seriously consider it! Glossybox also does Glossydots which is where you leave a individual review on each product inside of the glossy box, each review is worth 50 glossydots and you need 1000 glossydots to recieve a free box!! 

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post/review about Glossybox. I will be reviewing each months box so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks guys! 

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