Monday, 21 July 2014

My mini Primark Haul :)

Hello everyone! I hope your all okay? 
Today I thought I would write a blog post on the clothes I brought from Primark, I didnt buy alot as you can see but I thought I would still write a post. I hope you enjoy it! :) I was ment to go to Primark for a swimming costume/bikini as me and my boyfriend was taking our son swimming for the first time! We had such a lovely time! we all really enjoyed it, we will be definatley be going again soon! I wasnt planning on buying anything else but these things caught my eye and I had to buy them. I love Primark I have been shopping there for years! it is just so affordable!

I was going to buy a bikini but when I was trying it on I just didnt feel comfortable as I still have a bit on my pregnancy weight (although I am only a size 8) ... and then I found this pretty swimming costume! I love this swimming costume it is so comfortable! it covers everything so I had no worries of anything being on show that shouldnt lol! the only thing I didnt like about the swimming costume was that the strapes to hold it up are not sewn on they are held on by clips which kept popping off even when just swimming which was a little bit worrying! You can also wear it strapeless so I know why they have designed it like this, I just wish if the clips would have held better! I had to get a size 10 as I found the size of this was to small. But overall I am happy with this purchase! it only cost £10! 

I love this shoes! I have seen loads of people wearing these and I wondered where they had been buying them from, When I went into Primark I went to the shoe section and I found them! I wasn't to keen on the heart that was on them but you can take the heart of if you wanted to, but the more I wore them the more I actually liked it being on the shoe. The shoes are really comfortable, I just wish that I would of got one size bigger, I brought 3-4 when actually my shoe size is 4-5! Next time I go to Primark I will definatley be picking up more in different colours and a bigger size! :) I actually cannot remember how much they were.

It was about time I brought some new summer shorts! I loved these shorts straight away, But when I looked for my size they did not have any! me and boyfriend was then looking round trying to find some like it and my boyfriend spotted these pair and luckily they was my size I was so happy. I love these shorts they are so comfortable! I usually struggle to find clothes that fit because I am only 4ft 11 my trousers and shorts are usually long when I get them in a size 8, but these fit perfectly! these were £10.

I also brought these pair of shorts, I like that these are just plain they will go with pretty much any top! These fit perfectly too, These are just a light denim. These was £10 also.

I brought three of these plain strap tops, these are just so handy to wear under things and even by them self. They are so comfy to wear, the material are thin so they are good for summer but are possible to thin to wear in the winter unless you are wearing a jumper over the top. I brought these for £2.00 ( What a bargin!) hence why I brought three! :)

These have got to be my favourite out of everything I brought! I wasnt planning on getting any dungaree as I have never really seen a pair that I really like, but these I liked straight away because of the design of them. They have little white prints of Mickey Mouse on them! Which everyone who knows me knows that I love anything Disney. These are quiet a thick denim material, they are really comfortable to wear! I wear this outfit one or two ways either as it is in the picture or un clipped with the front bit down with the strap tops I brought. On the inside at the back there are prints of Mickey Mouses head but these are more detailed. These only cost £10 which I was over the moon with.

I hope you guys enjoyed this type of blog post, hopefully there will be more of these. 
Thankyou for reading this post, I will be writing another one soon.
Bye for now! :)

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