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10 Things which make me happy - Tag

I was tagged by Rosie to do the " 10 things which make me happy" Tag
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10 Things which make me happy;

1) My fiance and my son;  I love my fiance Mark and my son Harry so much! Whenever I am feeling down they both always manage to put a smile on my face. When my son does new things such as saying new words for the first time it makes me so happy and so proud! Words cannot explain how much I love them both and how much they make me happy! My son isnt even eight months yet and he can say; Mum, Dad,Nan,Ta,Duck and Hello! :) 

I am aware that we all look a bit ruff, long painful day!
2) Friends and family:  It makes me so happy knowing that I have such supportive friends and family. I am so lucky to have such special people in my life! My friends and family are always there for me if I am having a bad time with my panic attacks/ anxiety which I have suffered with since I was about 8 or 9, I feel so comfortable to express how I feel about it with them.
Me and my close friend Koren :) 

I am so happy to have a special friend like this girl. We was both embarrassed at first to tell people how we met because we met on Habbo! But now I don't care because I have gained such a close friendship with her. When we first met each other it felt like we had met so many times before! We just get on so well, I just wish we lived so much closer! :( I really hope to see you soon chick! <3

3) Doing my makeup and hair:   It makes me happy when I have done my makeup and my hair. It makes me feel alot more confident in myself, it makes me happy when I can achieve new looks and manage to do new hair styles! :) 
My makeup & my hair style I have recently learnt
to do :) 
4) Chocolate: I absolutely love Chocolate! My favourite has got to be peanut m&ms, I did used to love snickers until when I was pregnant and I ate so much of it, YUCK! I don't like dark chocolate neither white so its obviously got to be milk chocolate aha! :)
Mmm my fav
5) Youtube: Everyday without a fail I go on Youtube and watch beauty videos. They always cheer me up, I love watching how people do their hair and makeup. I love learning new things from peoples videos. I have also uploaded a video of my everyday makeup to my Youtube here is the link if you would like to go and watch it, it was really fun and I really enjoyed doing it. I must say though it did feel strange just speaking to a camera.

6) A cup of tea:  The first thing I do in the morning is go downstairs and make a cuppa. Tea is the only thing I really drink during the day, I hardly ever drink juice. I am tea obsessed I have to have my tea strong and with one sugar. I hate making tea in my house because the minute my family hear the kettle boil everyone wants a cup of tea lol! 

7) Xbox: Although I would say that I am girly, I do really like to play xbox with my fiance. We love playing Battlefield, Call of duty and zombies. The only time I dont like playing xbox is when im getting my but kicked lmao!

8) Blogging: I absolutely love blogging! I love that I can write my tips for beauty and things on here and that you guys can read it and take things from it, I really hope that my blog helps you guys! 

9) Animals: I love animals so much! They always make me happy. I have always grown up with animals. I have two cats, two rabbits and one dog. It upsets me so much knowing that there are horrible people out there badly treating such innocent animals! My favourite animal has got to be a horse, I think they are beautiful and I think they smell like tea lol! 

10) Watching Family Guy: I never used to like family guy, I never used to get what they was talking about and things like that. Its only since I have been with my fiance that I have been getting into it. My fiance is obsessed with it, Now I cant stop laughing at it when it is on :) 

I know this blog was a bit different but I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Feel free to comment below on the things that make you happy! 
Thanks again Rosie at for tagging me to do this post :)

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